FootingPad® Structural Footing System
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Build decks and post frame buildings faster and easier on a solid footing.

The lightweight and strong FootingPad® structural post footing system is a game changer. Replacing the need for concrete, the FootingPad is engineered to provide the fastest and most economical means to finish your project and save hours.

Patented technology was used to create a unique design that is light weight and evenly distributes loads. See how it compares to traditional, poured concrete installation:

Footing Pad

  • 10 FootingPads only weigh 10 pounds!
  • No additional labor.
  • No equipment rental.
  • Easy to install.
  • No wait time, same day construction.


  • 10 post holes require 800 pounds of concrete!
  • Broken, messy bags.
  • Labor to transport, carry, mix and pour.
  • Potential equipment rental.
  • One day for concrete to set costs build time.

Certified and Compliant

FootingPads replace equal diameter concrete pads and work with most any post. Tested by the NTA Testing Laboratories and certified by ICC-ES Evaluation Services, FootingPads meet the ICC-ES building code acceptance criteria (AC49).

10”, 12”, and 16” FootingPads will support a 4x4 or 6x6 size post. Allowable loads are determined by the type of supporting soil.

Total allowable loads (based on 3,000 psf soil capacity)

10” FootingPad

1,635 lbs.

12” FootingPad

2,355 lbs.

16” FootingPad

4,167 lbs.

Made in the USA from recycled materials.

Customizing Your Deck

We specialize in customizing decks that are unique to your needs. As a fabricator and manufacturer, we have the capability of creating just about anything you can dream up. Our variety of rail options make your deck even more custom, and our skirting and lattice options are the perfect finishing touch.

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